MAVRECA-II junior scientists

PhD research projects

MAVARECA-II has two directly affiliated PhD students (Jennifer Suurbaar and Nsoh Anabire) and one attached PhD student (Zakaria Seidu).

Jennifer Suurbaar

Nsoh Anabire

In his PhD project, Nsoh will study aspects of acquired immunity to the VAR2CSA-type PfEMP1 proteins that are a key element in the pathogenesis of placental malaria, and also a key target of acquired antibody-mediated protection against this particular form of severe P. falciparum malaria, which remains an important cause of mortality and morbidity among pregnant women and their babies. 

The PhD research of Nsoh will be supervised by MAVARECA-II senior scientists, Senior Research Fellow Michael F Ofor (University of Ghana) and Professor Lars Hviid (University of Copenhagen). 

The project stands on the shoulders of earlier collaborative research between Danish and Ghanaian scientists, and involves Paulina Ampomah (University of Cape Coast), who did her PhD with Lars Hviid and Michael Ofori during the first MAVARECA project.

Zakaria Seidu

Postdoc project

MAVARECA-II has one directly affiliated postdoc (Frederica Partey). Frederica's project is a continuation of her PhD project (conducted under the first MAVARECA project), and aims to... 

Frederica Partey is mentored by two MAVARECA-II senior scientists, Assoc. Prof. Gordon Awandare (University of Ghana) and Assoc. Prof. Lea Barfod (University of Copenhagen).